Team SpaceQuasar appreciates your investment in our company! We are still in the prototyping stage. Contact at admin@spqr.com

Material Costs

  • Cost of each part to be determined.
  • Prototype manufacturing cost is around $5000

Target Consumers and Industries

  • Power plants
  • Battery manufacturers
  • Transportation

Business Models

  • Selling aluminum balls(Fuel Source) as a single payments and subscriptions
  • Selling HHBs in bulk or as individual units
  • Selling HHB components/parts for maintenance or repair
  • Royalty fees

Sales and Platfoms

  • Available for sale on the SpaceQuasar(spqr.com) and Amazon(amazon.com).
  • Yearly Production will be fixed based on 1st year sales.
  • 10,000 initial HHB units.
  • There will be promotions and paid Youtube sponsorships for the HHB.
  • Advertisements is not considered.


  • Suppliers for materials/parts will be from China.
  • Manufacturing the HHB will be done in the US.
  • Currently, no units are produced yet.