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How it works

There are two variants of portable tables that SpaceQuasar LLC will be selling. One table is electrically powered by using electromagnets and the other table is mechanically assembled using sliding carbon fiber rods. They both have square 10"x10 table pieces that can be built up to any rectangular table shape. The thickness varies from 1" or 1.25". The table legs will be magnetically attached telescope legs that extend from 12" to 27". The electric table will work by using electromagenets that will be powered through either an external battery pack or by an outlet. The mechanical table will work by having 2 seperate layers for 2 sets of 2 carbon fiber rods to slide in and out of the sides of the table tiles. There will also be latches to make sure that the table tiles are secure in place. Tables are currently in production stage.


  • Outdoor Activities
  • Sporting Events
  • Presentations

Materials for Mechanical Table

ABS Plastic, magnets, steel bolts, carbon fiber rods, spring clamps, and aluminum table legs.

Materials for Electrical Table

Electromagnets, ABS plastic, steel bolts, copper wire, and aluminum table legs.